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Intro and band camp FAQ.

Hey, all. I feel like introducing myself as well. My name is Marissa and I'm going to be a senior in the flute section (already?). I'm the quiet, weird, awkward, slightly psycho, Japanese speaking, short, glasses-wearing, frizzy haired, pigtailed one. Yeah, hi ^_^; I've been a marching band geek fooorreeevveer and I love to answer any random questions, just like a lot of the other upperclassmen here.

In the spirit of that, and with band camp fast approching, I think it's time for a band camp tips post! These are just my own personal tips for surviving band camp, so I hope that others will agree/disagree/add your own.

DO pack light. DO NOT bring extra junk, because chances are you won't have time to use it. You'll have very little free time, which you will most likely want to use for sleeping, eating, showering, and socializing. But, DO bring extra clothes! It's nice to have a clean change if you get all sweaty or, marching band gods forbid, wet and muddy from the rain. Don't forget to throw in a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans or two for night rehearsals. Also, shoes that it's okay to ruin marching on the field... and sandals for the shower. You'll want them.

DO hydrate yourself. It's not like we don't get water breaks, we do, but extra certainly can't hurt. DO eat breakfast. DO WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!!! It seems like every year there's at least a couple lobster freshmen after the first or second day. DO NOT be one of them ;)

DO NOT arrive late if you can avoid it. That's just thrown in there from my personal experience of being late twice (d'oh) and ending up without a flip folder or something else equally frustrating >.<;; DO be paitient with your section/rank leaders. They really do want to keep you in band and keep you happy, so talk to them if you're having a problem with something. DO keep a positive attitude, and DO NOT forget that you're an important part of something awesome! Finally, and possibly most importantly, DO get to know your section and make lots of friends ASAP!! It really is the difference between and awesome time at band camp and a sucky one. 'Tis the great big happy family that is band.
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